About Maiden Oak

village-style music for barn dances, parties and all festive occasions

Based in Swanage, Dorset, Maiden Oak is available for your barn dance, party, wedding reception, harvest supper - indeed, any occasion that wants lively music in the old village style.

Maiden Oak has developed an interesting repertoire of dance tunes and party pieces, and we have moved forward a little, adding saxophone to the traditional line-up of fiddles, squeeze-boxes, guitar, keyboards and percussion.

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Rollo Woods  - Band Leader  and Concertina

Rollo Woods began as a dancer, bought his first concertina in November 1948 and formed his first band a few years later.  Although he has had no proper musical training, Rollo has been playing for dancing ever since.  He has taken every opportunity to play with old village musicians, including: William Kimber,  Scan Tester, Stephen Baldwin,  Bob Cann;  and for many years had one such Ruth Askew  in his band,  who had a major influence on his playing style. Like these old musicians, he is not a folk purist and prefers to say he plays village style music.  He has played through all the  folk fashions (Playford,  American Square,  English Country Music) except folk rock.

Besides playing in Maiden Oak, Rollo also does the research for and performs with a local West Gallery group - The Purbeck Village Quire,  and plays with the Never on Sunday Band and other local groups.  Arthritis has forced Rollo to give up dancing,  but his fingers are still fairly agile and he intends to go on playing as long as he can.

Rollo’s contribution to folk music has finally been recognised and the English Folk Dance and Song Society have awarded Rollo with their special Gold Badge award. Rollo joins an illustrious list of Gold Badge holders including EFDSS founder Cecil Sharp, composer Dr Ralph Vaughan Williams, performer/writer A.L. Lloyd, and musicians The Spinners, EFDSS President Shirley Collins and EFDSS Vice President Eliza Carthy.

Linda Corlett - Accordion

Sue Fisher - Violin

Gerard Jensen - Acoustic Guitar

Amanda Jensen - Saxophone & Flute

Chris Pullen - Keyboards

Janet Rees - Accordion

Elizabeth Shore - Violin

Dave Smith - Percussion

Maiden Oak are: